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About company

Kraken Solutions is a team of engineers who have accumulated considerable experience in the development, deployment and support of complex automatic data collection systems on the network, including those protected from robots. Among the clients for whom we are looking for and delivering content are such notable aggregators as BetterHotel.com and Revael.io. In addition to web-scraping, we create solutions for parsing and analyzing received content, automating work in the browser (including testing web services and applications), and supporting workstations and servers on Linux.

What services do we offer?

– Automation
– Analysis and parsing
– Web-scraping/Web-crawling
– System maintaining and troubleshooting services

What sets us apart

We provide “all-inclusive” solutions. You do not need to hire developers or system administrators to use our solutions – we will deploy and run them on your hardware or in the cloud, completely free. Also for each client we set a period of free support. If you order the data, we will deliver it in any convenient way.

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