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Information is very important in today’s world. We offer web scraping services, that is, automated information collection from websites and electronic databases. Company and online store owners will especially benefit from our services as we can help to collect full data about pricing and products from websites of the competitors. This information will help clients adjust pricing policy and increase sales volume on time. Along with all of this, we can also analyze quality and completeness of your content as well as check whether competitors use it and get the client’s viewpoint regarding certain product. We can also collect data for marketing research and open access contact information such as emails, phone numbers etc., job openings, CVs and portfolios, ads, bids, currency and stock rates and even information about weather conditions. Any data visible in your browser can be collected and provided in any format, any convenient way, be it electronic table, database or request to your server. We have ready solutions for hundreds of different websites, and no bot protection system will be able to complicate our cause. As of today, our company collected information about hundreds of millions of products from websites of the world biggest retailer and dozens of hundreds of contacts. Moreover, thousand of happy clients ranging from small startups up to large companies is glad to collaborate with us.

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